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Did You Know
...early A3000's shipped with a 1.4 ROM?  It's the ROM that loads up
   the Kickstart image from devs:kickstart and reboots into that
   image.  If you startup into the ROM selection menu, and click
   on the top left corner (like a close button) you'll be booted
   into a 1.4 Startup-Sequence!  Check out the version numbers
   and the odd gadgets.

...the A3000T was originally called the A3500?  These were 3000T
   prototypes in CBM PC60III Tower cases.  They have green power
   buttons, and two hard disk LEDs.  I actually saw one at
   Commodore Canada, and there's another in the Dave Haynie
   video "Deathbed Vigil" in the walkthrough of CBM Engineering.
   Many have sent in other reports from the Benelux countries to
   out in Germany.  There are a few of these.  

...there was a system called the A3000 Plus?  This prototype
   had the AGA chipset, with a provision for a DSP onboard.
   Unfortunately, the project was killed by CBM management.
   A few were liquidated a few years ago, but it is unknown
   how well they worked.

...Sun Microsystems originally considered the A3000UX as a low
   end UNIX box to sell with their high end SPARCstations?  The
   deal fell through with Commodore management.

...the Amber chip in the deinterlacer circuitry is named after
   the designer's daughter?