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Hakko 850 Hot Air Rework System

Note that this page is a point of reference only, I do not offer these tools for sale.
Use a Google search if you wish to make a purchase.
  • Adjustable air volume and temperature allows reworking of QFPs and SOPs
  • Durable nozzles can be used for soldering and de-soldering, over and over.
  • Automatic cooling mode protects the heating element and handle when the power is turned off.
  • ESD safe by design
Hakko 850
Part No.


Power Consumption

20W (2W when power switch is "OFF")


Diaphragm pump

Capacity 23 l/min. (MAX.)
Outer Dimensions 187(W) x 135(H) x 245(D) mm
(7.36(W) x 5.31(H) x 9.64(D) in.)
Weight Approx. 4 kg (8.81 lbs.)

Power Consumption 260W
Hot Air Temperature 100°C - 420°C (212°F - 788°F)
with A1126 nozzle
Length 196 mm (7.71 in.)
Weight 120 g (0.26 lb.)

Available from all good professional electronics stockists.