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Files are downloadable by clicking on the links on the left hand side. All files are compressed using LHA,
with the exception of the PDF documents.
You can download the LHA v2.15 executable for AmigaOS here. (75kB)

AmigaOS Updates
OS 3.9 Boing Bag 1 (5.3MB) Boing Bag 1 update for AmigaOS 3.9, released 31st March 2001
OS 3.9 Boing Bag 2 (2.1MB) Boing Bag 2 update for AmigaOS 3.9, released 20th March 2002
OS 3.9 Boing Bag 2 contribution (920kB) Contributions for Boing Bag 2 update for AmigaOS 3.9
OS 3.5 Boing Bag 1 (3.6MB) Boing Bag 1 update for AmigaOS 3.5, released 24th December 1999
OS 3.5 Boing Bag 2a (1.6MB) Boing Bag 2a update for AmigaOS 3.5, released 9th January 2001
Note that 2a replaces OS 3.5 Boing Bag 2 due to some minor problem fixes with BB2.

System Software
Full MUI setup (2.0MB) Use the included docs to upgrade your existing MUI system.
Updated regularly with all the latest MUI Custom Classes (MCC). Last update: 11 August 2020
Picasso96 2.1B (607kB) Install package for Picasso96, drivers for most popular Amiga graphics cards.
cgxv42_rc5 (530kB) Update package cgxv42_rc5 for CyberGraphX 4.
cgxv42_rc6 (518kB) Update package cgxv42_rc6 for CyberGraphX 4.

Audio test tone generator (17kB) Generates 1kHz sine wave tone in left and right channels, with level and filter control.
Joystick test program (25kB) Tests joysticks on ports 1 and 2, also ideal for testing motherboard mouse/joystick operation.
MiamiDX v1.0c (3.3MB) MiamiDX TCP/IP stack for AmigaOS with MiamiSSL. You will need to have your own keyfiles!!
Scout version 3.6 (967kB) System monitor/control program for OS3.0+, also checks RTC can be seen by system.
SetBatt-1.2 for A3000 (17kB) Modify data in the A3000 NV RAM, in the real time clock. Also used to clear the "amnesia" bit.

Tech Notes/Manuals
A3000 INT_2 mod (1.4MB) "INT_2" motherboard modification instructions for A3000D, required for some accelerator cards.
HTML version of this document can be viewed online here.
A500 service training (14.3MB) Scan of a technician training course run by Commodore in 1989.
The manual assumes you have a good working knowledge of computer systems to begin with.
This is not a beginners guide to computer repair.
Includes various hand drawn diagrams, oscilloscope waveforms and block diagrams.

Individual sections:
Contents (892kB) PDF
Power supply specifications (231kB) PDF
68000 Microprocessor (1.4MB) PDF
Custom chips (3.1MB) PDF
Theory of operations (3.5MB) PDF
System block diagram (319kB) PDF
System memory map (281kB) PDF
Common troubleshooting approaches (596kB) PDF
Contents (340kB) PDF
Power up self test (550kB) PDF
Diagnostics (2.6MB) PDF
Waveform comparison (5.2MB) PDF
Floppy disk drive alignment (1.6MB) PDF
OS3.9 NDK (3.1MB) Native Development Kit for AmigaOS 3.9.