Amiga Technical Resource

Amiga hardware repair information

RTC battery replacement RTC circuit repair A4000 audio repair
RTC battery replacement
A guide on replacing the Amiga
real time clock battery

RTC circuit repair
How to repair the real time clock
circuit if it fails from battery corrosion
A4000 audio repair
Repairing the Paula audio circuit
and replacing leaking SMD capacitors

A3000 INT_2 modification SMD soldering tips Repairing jumpy mouse problems
A3000 INT_2 modification
Performing the INT_2 modification required
for some CPU boards and SCSI controllers

SMD soldering tips
The basics of surface mount soldering
Repairing jumpy mouse problems
Repairing Amiga motherboard mouse faults
Replace Cyberstorm socket Replacing SIMM sockets on A4000D Replacing SMD capacitors on the C= A3640 board
Replacing Cyberstorm mk3 socket
Fitting a replacement CPU socket to the CSmk3 board
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Replacing SIMM sockets
For when those plastic clips break
on the A4000D memory sockets

Replacing A3640 capacitors
More capacitors which like to leak

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