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About the Author
I will not be held responsible for any damage you incur on your own
machine.  This information is presented as is.  Please contact me with
suggestions, comments, and more information.  This is crucial to keep the
Hardware Guide updated.  Certain areas require a lot more information,
especially regarding SCSI and the Amiga 3000T specific issues.

However, I cannot help everyone on their Amiga problems.  I'm
relatively busy as of late, so I can't guarantee I can respond to
everyone.  I also sold my A3000 too, as I bought an A4000/040 for $200.

The A3000 represents the pinnacle of Amiga design and engineering
for me, and to many other Amiga owners out there.  If you had to pick one
machine that was done right, a lot of people will say the A3000.  

This package of Technical Notes was inspired by Warren Block's
excellent A4000 Hardware Guide.  (Aminet:hard/misc/a4khard.lha) It's in a
similar style, but also in the fashion of the A2090 Technical Notes
package I started in 1992.  Thanks to Warren for helping and getting me
started.  Give this guy a job, Gateway!

Thanks to Olivier Broschart (A2000/030, 3000T/040), David D'Amico
(A2500/030), Jim May (A2000/040), Steve Vetzal (formerly Commodore Canada
and Wonder Computers), and Thom Mills (Randomize Imaging).   Ross and Jane
Agosta (A3000/4000), Glen Miller, Lanny Affleck (A3000) and Ryan Visima.
Special thanks to Nadine Kerrigan, Stanis Yu, Sai Saiedfar, Brian Lima,
Tara Weinstein, Renata Kopach and Mark Armer.