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-Help with the A3640 68040 CPU Board.

-Check if your battery is leaking!

  Booting problems
-Common resons for the motherboard failing to boot.

  Case-Eject Buttons and Cover Panels
-Help with those pieces of custom plastic up front.

  Case-LED Panel
-Is your Power or Hard Disk light broken?

-Do you see weird flecks of flickering image "dirt"?

  Heat-General Concerns 
-General Do's and Don'ts about airflow and heat considerations.

  Heat-U202 Graphics/Disk Problems
-Overheating of PAL chips U202/203 can cause on screen garbage.

-Required modification for PPC and SCSI FAST slot cards.

-Help with ROM timing, speeds, and revisions.

  SCSI-Termination Power
-Troubles with termination may cause SCSI problems.

  Video Slot-Genlocks
-System not powering up with a Genlock, or a weird display?

  Video Slot-Physical Fit
-Squeezing in boards?  

  VideoToaster Incompatibilities
-The A3000 can cause headaches for VideoToaster owners.  
 Look at these useful Toaster tips.