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A4000's and some A3000T models have a line called _INT2 on the
FAST slot.  On the A3000, this slot is CN606, and the line is on pin 82.
However, this pin was not connected in desktop A3000's, making PPC and
other accelerators which use this line incompatible with the A3000.  Most
accelerators which have onboard SCSI, will require a patch.

One example of how to get around this problem, is to wire a jumper
patch using a lead clip, like the one supplied with WarpEngine 30xx series
accelerators.  This attaches to pin 21 of U350, a CIA interface chip.

Basically, you need to wire a jumper from pin 82 on the FAST slot
to pin 21 of U350.

A complete guide on the modification can be viewed here.