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Heat-General Concerns
The A3000 has a small profile case, which means heat is a big
concern.  Because of the configurability of the machine, every set up and
its environment will be different.  Here are some tips:

-Keep the casing on, as the airflow around the case is designed
 to run around in a specific pattern.

-Keep an adequate envelope of open space around your machine, 
 including at very least six inches behind the chassis.  If you
 can, leave a foot.  Don't forget the front and back.

-Put extra fans inside:  DesTech's Mini Slot Fan is highly 
 recommended: Found in many clone part stores, this small $5-10
 fan fits on a card bracket and draws air from inside and blows
 out.  Place above hot cards.  It's green.

 Put extra cards and ventilate the area above 040/060 FAST
 slot cards as well!  Hacksawing the drive chassis tray is
 one way to accomodate large heat sinks and fans.

 Don't use temperature controlled low noise fans.

Some other suggestions from Internet users include:

-Don't place a monitor onto the case.

-Prop the machine up securely on thin pieces of wood below
 the case.

-Don't place the machine on a towel, no matter what your mother
 says.  Furniture can be replaced, Amiga 3000's can't!

-Use a powerline filter or better yet, a UPS.