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LED Indicator Panel
The LED indicator panel, which has the green Power and the yellow
Hard Disk activity lights, often gets broken.  This is usually because the
case was put on improperly or banged around during transport.

Often, it's the component board that gets cracked or cold solder
joints opening.  For the latter, just dab on lots of solder.  For the
former, use a voltmeter and trace out the connections, and use a simple
jumper wire to reconnect up the LED.  

The LED panel connects to the front, left of the A3000 motherboard
with a 3 pin connector. 

If your panel is unfixable, consider DriveLight 1.2, a useful
Workbench utility that monitors the activity of any device, including the
SCSI controller, and flickers a little indicator on screen.  It's available
on Aminet. (Aminet:/disk/misc/drivel12.lzh)