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Eject Buttons and Cover Panels
The eject button is specific to the A3000 and the Chinon drive.
Using an A2010/FB354 mechanism from an A2000, or the A500 internal drive,
one should find an extra A3000 button, remove the old one, and attach the
new one.  That is the only difference between the A3010 and A2010.  The
wide, flat eject button makes the system look real cool.  

The other custom part is the cover panel.  It has a corrogated
texture on the front, and snaps onto the front with a pair of fingers on
the sides, latching into the slot of the disk drive.  The A3000 case has
mouldings for two floppies.  You should keep it on, so dust doesn't get
sucked in and to keep the airflow running in the intended fashion.

Both parts were available from Commodore branches until the breakup
of the company in 1994.  Service depots may still have these for sale, but
the easiest way to get one is to ask a user group.