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Problems with the VideoToaster in the A3000
There are a few little snags with using NewTek's popular
VideoToaster boards in the A3000's.  NewTek doesn't really recommend 
the Toaster 2000 board for desktop A3000's.

Putting a Toaster in an A3000 can alter the colours of the display,
and NewTek has a patch for this to correct the problem.  Screens often turn
purplish as a result.

Toaster 2000

Video Slot-Physical Fit

Including the fit of Input 1 BNC on this card, users should be
aware that Toaster 1.0 software didn't work with the SuperDenise ECS chip.
Version 2.0 corrects this problem.

Toaster 4000
The Toaster 4000 card is configurable to both ECS (A2000/3000) and
AGA (A4000).  This involves switching numerous jumpers, documented in the
manual.  The fit problem of the connector block is solved with a flip
around board.  

Toaster Flyer
The Flyer should be used with an external drive enclosure.  NewTek
sells an Octopus cable that routes all the cabling externally for this

Both boards are a tight fit, and one should be concerned with heat,
insulation, and power.  Third party adapters exist for moving the boards
out with an extension cable into a second case.

Another idea might be to move cards like TBC's and extra hard disks 
into an inexpensive PC clone case with a used 286 motherboard powering them,
allowing for greater airflow and less heat generation in the desktop A3000 case.

VideoToaster 2000 users may consider upgrading to the Toaster 4000 
card, which adapts to the A3000/4000 case with an ingenious flip around connector 
block.  While the expense is great, it also allows for the Toaster Flyer
nonlinear editing option, and it is recommended by NewTek for the A3000.