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Mounting Boards in the Video Slot
While the A3000 video slot is electrically similar to the A2000
slot, the chassis hole for the rear bracket is significantly smaller.  It's
actually the same size as a typical PC/Zorro slot hole.  As a result, the
larger, flat A2000 videoslot boards will not line up with the sideways

Commodore shipped many A3000's with slot adapters, a little metal
frame which you could screw the card into, then secure the card and adapter
into the chassis.  This works perfectly with some boards such as the A2300
Genlock, but does not work at all with the VideoToaster 2000, for instance.
This little adapter also works in the A4000.

The Toaster 2000 production board is another common misfit for the
A3000.  To accomodate all four BNC inputs, plus program and preview
outputs, Input 1, also primary sync, is set at the very top of the flat
backplane.  With the smaller A3000 cutout, many users have found they need
to hacksaw a segment of the chassis.  When doing so, be careful of leaving
metal shavings/dust in the system.  A thorough vacuuming should do the
trick.  Also, the Toaster DRAM/framestore daughterboard and it's metal
binding is a tight fit with the top of the A3000 desktop case.  Be careful
of not accidentally shorting connections on the metal top.  As usual, heat
and ventilation should be considered.  

The A3000T has the same problem-they need to be hacksawed as well,
although space and heat are less of a problem.

  See also, VideoToaster Incompatibilities