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For schematics, connector pinouts and tips to assist with Amiga computer repairs

Amiga schematic archive Amiga hardware repairs Amiga hardware reference
Amiga schematic archive
A collection of scanned schematics
Some are good clear scans, while others
are slightly better than nothing

Amiga hardware repairs
Covering RTC battery replacement,
RTC repair, audio repair, A3000 INT-2 mod,
SMD soldering and more
Amiga hardware reference
A4000 and A3000 technical guides and
details of various computer connectors
Datasheets Acronyms Inventory and pricing
Various Amiga related technical PDFs

Computer oriented abbreviations & acronyms
Inventory & Pricing
Real time stock and price list
Downloads Links Floppy drive conversion
Miscellaneous files for download

Links to other useful websites
Floppy drive conversion
Tips on converting a PC floppy
drive to an Amiga DD drive
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While working at Scott Base, Antarctica, I will not be accepting any further Amiga hardware work or supplying parts until returning to New Zealand in November 2016.

Technical support via Email will continue as normal. Thank you to all customers for your support over the years, I look forward to continuing Amiga hardware services in late 2016.

Follow my work in Antarctica here.

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