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Technical Datasheets

Commodore Parts
Agnus 8371 (6.8MB) C= part no. 318071-01, Agnus 8371 (512k) DMA controller as used in A500 and A2000.
Agnus 8375 (850kB) C= part no. 390544-01, Fat Agnus 8375 (2MB) DMA controller as used in A500+ and A600.
Alice 8374 (12.4MB) C= part no. 391010-01, Alice 8374 DMA controller as used in A1200, CD32 and A2000.
Bridgette (1.4MB) C= part no. 391380-01, A4000 memory bridge.
Buster (280kB) C= part no. 390539-0x Fat Buster, A3000 and A4000 expansion bus controller.
CIA 6526 (1.4MB) C= part no. 6526, similar to C= part no. 391078-0x 8520 Complex Interface Adaptor as used in most Amiga models, the 8520 has a 24-bit binary counter for the time of day clock, see more detail.
Denise (41kB) C= part no. 252126-01, Denise 8362 OCS graphics processor used in A1000, the OCS A500 and A2000 used a later variant of this same part.
Gary (11.6MB) C= part no. 390540-02 Fat Gary system address decoder and reset control for A3000 and A4000, extracted from A4000 service manual.
Gayle (508kB) C= part no. 391155-0x A600 system address decoder and reset control, similar to Gayle 391424-02 as used in A1200.
Lisa (58kB) C= part no. 391227-01 display controller for A1200, CD32 and A4000.
Ramsey (10.4MB) C= part no. 390541-0x Ramsey RAM control for A3000 and A4000, extracted from A4000 service manual.
Video Hybrid (1.6MB) C= part no. 390229-0x video hybrid which performs RGB digital to analogue video conversion in A500, A1000, A2000 and A3000.

Commodore Publications
A3000 CPU Slot Specs (46kB) Detailed information on the A3000 CPU or "fast" slot, by Dave Haynie and Scott Schaeffer.
A500/A2000 Technical Reference (20.5MB) Hardware designers reference for the A500 and A2000, contains much information on Zorro 2 expansion development.
AA Chipset Specs (15.6MB) Detailed information on the Amiga AA/AGA chipset.
Amiga Hardware Reference (2.6MB) Amiga Hardware Reference Manual for programmers.
Amiga Intuition Reference (1.6MB) Amiga Intuition Reference Manual for programmers.
Zorro2 Developers Manual (3.0MB) Developers electrical and mechanical guide for developing Zorro2 expansion cards.
Zorro3 Specifications (440kB) Intended for developing Zorro3 expansion cards, by Dave Haynie.

Other Datasheets
74HCT166 (92kB) Datasheet for the shift register used for joystick/mouse I/O.
74HCT174 (92kB) Datasheet for the D-type flip flop used in the real time clock address latch.
ADV7120 video DAC (193kB) 8-bit video digital to analogue converter used in the A4000.
CXA1145M RGB encoder (324kB) Analogue RGB to composite video encoder used in the A600/A1200.
Lattice 16V8 GAL (411kB) GAL programmable logic devices used to replace original A3000 PAL logic.
More details and JEDEC files for programming here.
LF347 (44kB) Quad operational amplifier used in the audio stage of most Amiga models.
LM833 (67kB) Dual operational amplifier used in the audio output stage of the A4000.
MC68000 (2.3MB) Datasheet for the Motorola 68000 CPU.
MC68020 (2MB) Datasheet for the Motorola 68020 32-bit CPU family.
MC68030 part A (1.3MB)
MC68030 part B (1.4MB)
Datasheet for the Motorola 68030 32-bit CPU family.
MC68040 (3.4MB) Datasheet for the Motorola 68040 32-bit CPU family.
MC68060 (1.5MB) Datasheet for the Motorola 68060 32-bit CPU family.
MC68882 (3.7MB) Datasheet for the Motorola 68882 Floating Point Maths Coprocessor.
MSM6242 (135kB) Datasheet for the real time clock IC found in A500(+), A600, CDTV, A2000.
NCR53C710 (3.8MB) Datasheet for the SCSI controller IC used in A4000T and C= 4091 SCSI controller.
RP5C01A (127kB) Datasheet for the real time clock IC found in A3000, A4000.
Varta battery specs (77kB) Manufacturer's data on memory backup batteries, including the V80H used in many Amiga models.